Java is the future !: Finally got my first book of Java (Head First Java)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Finally got my first book of Java (Head First Java)

I ordered the Head First Java book (2nd edition) on 2 august and today I got a call from the Aramex courier company at 4 PM. One person told me that he came to deliver the book but he didn't find the home so he tried to call on my cellphone but my mobile was switched off. He asked me if I can come to their office and receive the package. I agreed and searched the company's address on internet just to see where the office is located I took help of the Google map. It was showing that the office is in "Chandpole" near "Janana hospital". It's about 6 km far from my home. I took my bike and went there. There people told me that there isn't any office of that company. Then I called back to that person and he told me that you went to a wrong place, He said "Our office is in Rambagh". It's about 4 km far from my home. I went back to Rambagh and then searched there. I saw a big board of the company from distance, I parked my bike and went there. I got my book there. I scolded the guys out there for wrong tagging there address in Google map. They said that are sorry and they will make it ok as soon as possible. Then I returned to home and unpacked the package. The book looks nice. I mean it's like GUI in printed pages. I checked about the authors "Kathy Sierra" and "Bert Bates" and had a look on the Table of Contents and How to use the book. I will start the first lesson "Breaking the Surface" from tomorrow. So before signing off I'll let you guys know the reviews of the book.

Here they are.. 

...The only way to decide the worth of a tutorial is to decide how well it teaches. Head First Java excels at teaching.

...It's definitely time to dive in--Head First. --Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems, Chairman, President, and CEO

Head First Java transforms the printed page into the closest thing to a GUI you've ever seen. In a wry, hip manner, the authors make learning Java an engaging, 'what're they gonna do next?' experience. --Warren Keuffel, Software Development Magazine

It's fast, irreverent, fun, and engaging. Be careful you might actually learn something! --Ken Arnold, coauthor (with James Gosling, creator of Java), The Java Programming Language

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